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안녕 친구 <3

i saw some of my friends were writing these as a way of saying goodbye.. so i want to do the same, in the hopes it will help me get some closure and peace.

I don't even know where to begin...and I wish I didn't have to. Because every beginning has an ending, and yours came way too soon.

You were one of the sweetest boys I have ever known. Add in how smart you were, your humour, and your just overall adorable personality, and it'd be safe to say that you were a ray of sunshine in my day of school that i dreaded. I learnt so much about you from our many talks before class. I used to hate being half an hour early to class all the time, but you being there early as well made it enjoyable. I will always cherish those laughs and talks. I even dug out our presentation (that you pretty much wrote and very kindly would incoorporate my lame suggestions), and i know that is a paper I will never throw out and not just because of our amazing mark, which was my best thanks to you

I wish I had told you how much I adored you, or that I had talked to you more often this summer. I really thought so highly of you and thought you were just a ray of light. I even wanted to hook my friend up with you, remember? There are so many people that are now going to miss out on meeting such an amazing person.

I truly hope and believe that you are much happier now. Whatever problems you had are now gone, and you are free to be the beautiful person that you are. I wish I had gotten the chance to have a proper goodbye, but I'll never forget the last goodbye I did get. I'm not a hugger, but we hugged that day, and I'm forever grateful that we did. I'll always remember your smile, your cute laugh, your furry jacket, and just how amazing you were. 

I danced ring ding dong today, just like you always wanted. I know you were watching and laughing.

r.i.p jay ♥
be forever happy
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